From 2014, I have developed a deep understanding of design and art education over my seven years in a K-12 school environment. As a professional, I take pride in incorporating digital media in an art class and thrive on developing art and design projects and curricula that promote critical thinking and making. I currently work as a Visual Art teacher at Chadwick International School, where I endless explore and experiment with art with secondary school students. I apply my teaching experiences by creating academic course content at NoticeAbility as a freelance graphic designer. Outside of school, I enjoy going on an active hike with my dog, Darim, and sunbathing beside my cat, Sunset.

Teaching and Art and Design Philosophy
I believe a passionate art and design educator can expand students' potential by directing them to reflect and question themselves and the world. For students to explore holistically, I see the importance of delivering clear and relatable lessons, utilizing tactile and virtual platforms, and collaborating between teachers and diverse professionals. The creative process requires courage, commitment, collaboration, failure, and even frustration. Therefore, I believe art and design educators should continue their creative practices to encourage and understand students' works. My teaching experiences heavily influenced my creative works, ranging from educational content design to picture book illustrations to conceptual typographic works. When I design visual and layout content for educational purposes, delivering instructions in a classroom allowed me to understand students' minds better and consider the effective and engaging design. I see the value of choice and flexibility in a classroom to enable students to express and interpret their unique stories authentically instead of giving a prescribed outcome. Therefore, through picture illustrations to typography, I actively find a way for the viewers to initiate the interaction by exploring the boundaries between virtual and physical space and relying on figurative works.

“Yea, you are always at ease with our kids while doing a tremendous job inspiring them to reach their full potential. You are a star and CI sure is lucky to have you. Thanks for all that you do for our Grade 6 generation. Keep up the great work!” - Christopher Chaney -

“Yea, I have so enjoyed working with you this year. Your positive spirit really added to the G8 team. Your students really benefitted from your passion and dedication to them. I really appreciated that you took any task I asked you to help with and ran with it. ” - Jessie Moore-

“Yea, from my visit to your advisory last week, I was able to see what a gift you have in the area of pastoral care. You clearly have created a very safe space for our learners in your small group.” - Emily Thomas -