Sunset and Darim


Sunset and Darim are two adopted stray pets who are complete opposites. While Sunset is an independent yet caring cat, Darim is a timid, curious pup. They learn to accept and embrace their differences through their journey together and form an unlikely bond. This heartwarming story highlights the importance of understanding and compassion - even in the face of miscommunication. The silent picture book, Sunset and Darim, is a delightful read for all ages to follow along with a story about finding a way to coexist and even find comfort with each other.



In Planters, readers will follow the story of a group of brave seed planters who refuse to give up hope in a rapidly drying world, with the entire land covered in dry earth and only one tree left to provide shade. Through the planters' resilience, courage, and faith, they bring life back to a barren landscape, one seed at a time. With each seed embedded in the earth, a new and vibrant future emerges. However, the people forget the past, deplete the resources, and return to a post-apocalyptic world. Yet, the planters continue to restore the green landscapes and strive to bring about change in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Pine Tree’s Wish


In this heartwarming story, the Pine Tree family is sold to different buyers and has to adjust to their new lives. Each tree has a distinct personality and has a secret wish to be planted in a special place. As their journeys take them to different places, from a quiet apartment garden to bustling cities, each tree discovers its unique and beautiful way of life. The story follows the pine trees planted in different places and explores what it means to have a wish come true.